I’ve been doing some soul searching lately.

I’ve noticed when most people say this it’s because they’re unhappy – which gratefully isn’t the case. I am, however, a born creative which means I’m always looking for new ways to express myself. For most of my life it was through dance, then with fashion, later studying communications and now through Life By Gaby (which encompasses all 3 and more). While trying to balance of aspects of my life what I’ve been focusing on most is finding and establishing my center. With that being said, I’m realizing (more and more) that as humans we naturally fall off of our center (no dance pun intended).

The most important thing in this balancing act is defining what our center is. This way we know exactly where to come back to when we inevitably stray away.

In a professional setting this may look like the way certain procedures are executed or how timely projects are completed. On a more personal level, it can be daily routines that keep you feeling healthy and happy as well as things such as what you would and would not tolerate from  other people.

At work and even in personal relationships we can encounter miscommunication. Chances of this increase if both parties have different standards or “centers.” It’s unreasonable to expect that people’s centers will fall perfectly in line without any communication. This is why it’s so imperative to establish not only standards, but a clear line of communication. Not only to set a tone of mutual respect to foster a positive and productive relationship, but also because just as we are our centers are ever-changing.

Not trying to get too spiritual here so I’ll leave you with this: I’m finding myself in this world and it’s a beautiful process. It’s probably the dancer in me, but I’m always looking for ways to grow and improve myself. While also remembering not to be too hard on myself.

Anyone else working on finding balance lately? Would love to hear about it.




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